All custom skins will require a paypal donation. I am not doing this to make lots of money
I am doing this to try and get this site to pay for itself after a year and a half of free services
to the online community.

I believe my work speaks for itself and is worth a monetary donation (minimum $6 per car) for an
hour of my time. I am a experienced graphic designer, and currently working at
Advanced Signs in Northern, NJ. You can visit our site at

Once you contact me at CLOSED, let me know what you would like. What email
you created your paypal account with(so I know if you donated). The info I would like to
recieve is NUMBER, SPONSORS, Primary COLOR(S) you would like, Car or Truck Make,
What MOD you would like the car for(trans-am, IROC, CTS, BGN, CUP). Also include
Your real name, Racing Name, Team, and Major sponsor, for me to put together the file.

Once your skin is completed and payment is made, I will sned u your .psd design file, your
.cup file, and the design will be owned by you and not recreated for anyone else, unless with
your permission, or if it is a team etc.. Thank You

Adam Zuidema - Owner, Creator - ZRF Motorsports